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Сontent 2(4) 


Pavlenko V.B.

The scientific-methodological approaches to the organization of studying the humanitarian disciplines by the students with special needs, formed by the Bologna process documents

Barno O.M.

Socio-psychological bases of cooperation with disabled students

Ilienko M.M., Tyuptya L.T.

On the issue of the characteristics and mechanisms of biological and social of human adaptability

Lisova S.I.

The problem of formation of political culture of students at the present stage of state

Barno T.O.

Formation of professional education of students with special needs through the use of various forms and methods of teaching

Tomarzhevska I.V.

Methodological approaches to humanizing the training of students with special needs

Nedashkivska N.V.

The role of the communicative aspects for students with special needs

Kuslian M.A.

Family problems in adapting of raising child with special needs

Karpenko S.V.

State employment and people with disabilities

Sokolnikova O.V.

The problem of equal opportunities and involvement in the social life of people with disabilities

Fedortsova O.H.

Individual approach in the training and education of young people who are studying in higher education with a clan, in modern society

Plahota N.S.

Higher education as a factor in the formation of active life position of people with disabilities



Kolupaeva A.A.

The legal framework of education by persons with disabilities

Borshchevska  L.V.

Psychological and pedagogical principles of learning content differentiation primary school children with hearing impairment

Zhuk V.V.

Features assimilation of verbal material from primary school pupils with hearing impairment

Kulbida  S.V.

Sign language in the educational process of persons with hearing impairment

Mukolaenko I.M.

Methods of teaching philosophy to students with hearing impairments

Hrebenuk T.M.

Studies of communication with blind sighted students in terms of teaching and behold, in that the institution

Kyluk L.G.

Social and educational activities by O.M. Scherbuna

Shapochka K.A.

Current approaches to learning a foreign language by pupils with special educational needs

Pavlovskyy B.P.

The organization of the educational process for people with congenital coagulopathy


Section III. The innovative technologies research and achievements

Kozlakova H.O.

Social and educational aspects of distance education spread among pupils and students

Hruhorchuk T.V.

Formation of professional competence of students with special needs by means of distance learning

Kondratyuk T.V., Fedortsova O.G.

The use of distance education and the method of «case studies» in the education and training of young people with special needs

Chaykovskyy M.Y.

Directions of creation and evaluation of the effectiveness of social and pedagogical conditions of rehabilitation of students with special needs

Kinkoluh M.F.

Forms and methods of activating students in the study of physics at technical universities

Shvets V.D.

Programming training of students with special needs by means of print foundations in the study of electrodynamics items

Bodnar A.Y., Lavrinenko D.G.

Consulting as a form of professional orientation of the individual in the system of vocational education


Section IV. psychological and pedagogical aspects of development and forming individuals of people with disabilities

Tomchuk M.I., Shevchenko V.V.

Psychological problems of students with special needs

Serdyuk L.Z.

Psychological features of socialization with disabilities

Shmargun V.M.

The problem of dysontogenesis in psychology

Filonenko M.M.

Environmental and psychological development of children with special needs

Zaviryuha L.A.

Harassment and ambitious student

Lyashch O.P.

Conceptual model of aggressive manifestations of psychological prevention

Yatsuk M.V.

Features of social and psychological maturity of students

Hodakivska O.M.

Problems strains in professional careers such as «Man-Man»

Tomchuk S.M.

Individually-typological preconditions of negative mental states in children from primary school

Koshonko G.A.

Psychological features of readiness of young people to create family

Kaminska O.V.

The problem of social and psychological desadaptation children with special needs

Cherkasova T.M.

The aesthetic attitude to life as a factor of professional self-identity

Shibinska M.O.

The image of “Desired interlocutor” in persons with cerebral palsy

Sedova N.A.

Formation of psychological culture as an important part of mental health of students


Section V. medical and physical and professional rehabilitation of people with disabilities

Avramenkо M.L., Martunenko O.B.

Formation and tasks of vocational rehabilitation of disabled persons in Ukraine

Scherbak I.B.

Prognostic criteria of adaptation of the organism and restoring the health of people with disabilities

Bardashevskyy Y.V.

Physical rehabilitation and social adaptation of persons with cerebral palsy at a late residual stage

Kravtsova O.S.

Use special simulators for correction of posture

Bannikova R.O., Bardashevkyy Y.V.

Use yumeyho-therapy in the complex program of physical rehabilitation at a late residual stage of cerebral palsy

Berezovkyy A.P., Sahno N.E.

Features of application of methods of physical training in the first (acute) period of total vascular thrombosis of deep left lower limb

Chuchkalyuk T.O.

Problems and ways to optimize the recreation complex of Mykolayiv region

Timoshenko G.A.

Various aspects of the game of chess for people with disabilities


Section VI . the forefront of science

Kydukina T.O., Goncharenko V.O., Kuzmenko I.V.

Research in the fields of thermal chips

Ivanitska L.L.

Logistics Marketing of software







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