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 Сontent № 3(5)

Section I. Theoretical and methodological principles of socialization

Maksimenko S.D.

Dramatic moments of human existence


Systematic analysis of the socialization nature

Malhazov O.R.

Hronorefleksometriya as a method of diagnosis acceptance and reliability of information processing by man

Serdyuk L.Z.

Protection and psychological adaptation of students with disabilities in higher education

Ermakova I.G., Puzikov D.O.

Individual life-giving competence

Kochubeynuk O.M.

The fact that in psychology, contradictory understanding

Putlyuk –Smerechynska O.D.

Psychocorrection of personal dispositions declined behaviour with psychotraining

Taranovska O.S.

Deviant behaviour of adolescents with accentuation character

Bodnar A.J.

The theoretical model of the interaction between collective and individual students in self professional

Lambutska J.A.

Functional memory structure psychophysical preparedness of students for educational activities

Sula T.I.

Social attitudes identity as a factor of self-young

Raksha E.G.

Bodily consciousness of a child with chronic physical illness and form the basic foundations of personality

Gutsulyak N.M.

The concept of norms and deviations of behaviour

Radchuk V.M.

Analysis of psychological approaches to classification of interpersonal conflicts

Dubchak G.M.

Psychological mechanisms of interpersonal conflicts

Gitun N.I.

Socialization in terms of transformation of family

Savchenko T.L.

System of organization and attention to correcting its general principles as a means of optimizing the educational and professional activities

Posnova T.P.

Identifying conflict of values youth with methodology by Sh. Schwartz

Alexeeva L.V.

The problem of adaptation of first-graders to educational activities

Govaleshko O.M., Samborska O.J.

Features of psychological dependence on teenagers and adolescence computer games

Novikova O.A.

Psychological regularity of spatial thinking


Section II. Psychological and pedagogical aspects of development and forming individuals of people with disabilities

Kolchenko K.O., Nikulina A.F.

Organisational principles to ensure the inclusion of students with disabilities in an integrated learning environment

Shmargun V.M.

Steadiness of nerve processes in adolescents with different levels of psychometric intelligence

Kupreeva O.I.

Formation of skills of self-presentation of the students with disabilities by socio-psychological training

Ivanova I.B.

Theoretical and methodological bases of youth education in integrated educational environment

Bondarenko L.V.

Methodological psychological and pedagogical problems of education of youth

Bereschuk O.M.

Psycho-pedagogical problems of implementation of didactic principles of teaching in modern secondary school

Tkachuk T.M.

Psychophysiological providing educational activities of students as a condition of maintaining their physical and mental health

Kalmukola L.V.

Theoretical analysis of the integration of children and young people with special needs in educational institutions

Sas N.M.

The achievements of sociology, management, education in the development of innovative social processes

Kravchenko I.V.

Features of pedagogical conflicts in the interaction of students and high school teacher

Puzikov D.O.

Educational technology project of supporting student life

Pavlova I.Y.

The problem of self image "I" in people with cerebral palsy

Ostrovska O.I.

Family diagnosed in the structure of multi-psychological diagnosis of schizophrenia

Kondratyuk G.V.

Formation of motivation of educational activity of students integrated group


Section III. Contemporary problems of professional activities of specialists

Kokun O.M.

The component research of psycho-physiological readiness for pedagogical activity

Tyuptya L.T.

Design of the training in social work

Chepa M-L. A.

On the subject and object of forensic psychological examination

Pasichnyak R.F.

Socio-psychological determinants of professional identity

Korniyaka O.M.

Culture teacher communication: psychological dimension

Rozhdestvenskyu A.Y.

The problem of psychological safety of young specialists

Osodlo V.I., Naumenko D.V.

The development of value-semantic sphere of youth under the influence of teaching and service activities

Makarenko N.G.

Socio-psychological characteristics of military law

Kovalova V.I.

Optimization of personal time teacher as psyhotemporal technology to improve teaching activities

Nizovets O.A.

The development of communicative competence in the training of future psychologists

Vusotska L.G.

Physiological selection and ways to adapt to the conditions of polar Ukrainian Antarctic expedition

Santashov V.I.

Psychological features of optimization conflict behaviour conscripts

Matsevko T.M.

The results of implementation of the pilot program of managerial competence of managers Military Social Management

Lazurenko O.O.

Conditions for the formation of the emotional sphere of medical students in training activities

Zhuk A.V.

Professionally significant personality of future doctors, psychologists

Kozlikovska N.Y.

Communicative competence as the factor of personal development during early adolescence


Section IV. psychological and pedagogical aspects of development of national identity and spirituality of students

Piren M.I.

Bureaucracy in the system of political and ruling elite of Ukraine as a factor of conflict and power of the people

Petrunko O.V.

Socialization in terms of the media sphere, relevance of the problem

Seregin Y.V.

Youth and Spirituality problems at present and in the works of classics of the 60s of XIX century

Chayuka G.V.

New cultural factor: computer games

Fedorchenko I.M.

The formation of the national character of the Ukrainian people, theoretical and methodological foundations

Kravchenko O.P.

The presentation of individual life course: formulation of the problem

Luchanska V.V.

Features of youth creativity in XXI century

Kologrivova O.I.

The desire to be one of the factors the individual experiences of subjective well-being

Skulovatova O.V.

Mythological basis of creation of the individual world view

Dragomeretska I.V.

Features of affective component of sex-role identity for the older pupils and students


Section V. Theory and Practice of Rehabilitation and Social Protection of the health of young people with disabilities

Murza V.P.

Current approaches to prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis

Kyluk O.M.

Social protection of youth - the path to democratization of management and prevention of conflicts in the Ukrainian society

Adyrhaev S.G., Adyrhaeva L.V.

Organizational aspects of sports training support students with special needs in the University "Ukraine"

Horoshuha M.F.

By nature an aggressive youth (for example, young athletes aged 13-16 who are specialized in various sports)

Shiyan V.M.

The methods of restorative justice in the practice of social work with juvenile offenders

Pozhudaeva O.V.

Consulting as one of the areas of professional activity of social teacher

Shiyan V.M., Galkina V.M.

The technology of social support for people with special needs in the educational environment 

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