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Section I. contemporary problems of education, training and inclusion of people with disabilities

Kolchenko K.O., Nikulina A.F.

Ensuring the inclusion  of youth for disabled students in university environment

Mihalush A.O.

Inclusive education and education and training support - the foundation of social integration of people with disabilities

Ivanyuk I.Y.

Adaptation of students with disabilities in terms of integrated education

Kaliberda Y.Y., Fedko A.V., Heorhieva A.V.

Using the experience of learning activities Ostroh Academy in XVI-XVII centuries in Ukraine in the Contemporary Issues of training and education of people in the integrated environment

Dmutrenko L.I.

Training managers of higher education institutions to organize training of people with special needs on the basis acmeological approach

Kravchenko T.M., Bretsko I.I.

The impact of communication trends in teacher professionalism

Tyuptya L.T., Ivanova I.B.

Individual work of students in the information educational environment

Tyuptya O.V., Shkyro V.P.

The problem of improving the system of social services for people with disabilities

Zakysulo O.Y., Olhova-Marchuk N.V.

Applied aspects of social work with families who have children with special needs

Dembitskyy S.S.

Comparative study of ethical principles of social work in international and domestic regulations

Jitka Vitova

Legislative measures of special education in the Czech Republic and Finland

Petra Yurkovikova

Cooperation between the family, a special adviser and NGO’s as relevant condition for special care supporting integration

Weishaar F.M.

Reflections on student learning by a new professor

Karpyuk R.P.

Features of professional training for field adaptive physical education in foreign countries

Bohinska Y.V.

Legislative support accessibility of higher education in European countries for people with disabilities

Kravtsova A.A.

Features of the organization of professional training disabled persons in Belgium

Mayer N.V., Koval T.I.

The use of remote technology in independent mastering Francophone written business communication

Petruchenko N.M.

The main features of professional preparedness of students with disabilities

Sudorenko V.P.

The problems of education and professional training Ukraine trucking industry

Jan Michalik

Social aspects of the situation of disabled people in the transforming countries of Eastern Europe -  Is that the Integration?


Section II. the innovative pedagogical technologies: methodology, practice, experience, perspectives

Yezhova T.Y.

Theory and practice of integrated education of persons with hearing impairments in vocational and higher education

Rudenko L.M.

The principles of teaching "Psychopathology" in the preparation of psychologists (special)

Kravets N.P.

The development of broadcasting in mentally retarded students and the problem of the formation of the reader

Sulzhenko D.I.

Psychological correction of autistic children in inclusive education

Omelyanovych I.M.

The study of knowledge and skills of mentally retarded first-graders in spatial orientation (orientation in relations between objects)

Shorohova V.V.

Save disability mentally retarded students in grades 1-4 during training activities

Parasotskyy O.V.

To overcome the problem dysorthography students with mild to severe general underdevelopment of speech (NZNM)

Pulyuk N.V.

Health work in specialized preschools as a means of social adaptation of children with special needs


Section III. psychological and pedagogical aspects of development and forming individuals of people with disabilities

Tsuba V.D.

Problem of tribe generation with increasing quantity of people with special needs

Serdyuk L.Z.

The impact of motivation on the cognitive activity of students

Kochubeynuk O.M.

Mode of existence as a way to implement authentication

Kupreyeva O.I.

The impact of functional limitations on personal development

Kokyn O.M.

Features of professional self youths during adaptation

Volunchyk O.A.

Formation of psychological readiness of the individual to administrative activity while studying at university

Kuchmenko O.B.

Individual biological properties of the pupils and their impact on the motivation of the learning process

Panchenko T.L.

Research readiness of students with disabilities to perform independent work in learning

Kurbatova A.O.

Psychological characteristics of proper profession choice

Yakovleva S.D.

The state of higher mental functions and performance of children with cerebral palsy


Section IV.  physical, medical, social and sports rehabilitation of people with disabilities

Belikova N.O.

Basic definitions of rehabilitation and physical education

Gitun N.O., Belikova N.O.

Social and pedagogical conditions of rehabilitation of students with special needs

Tomashchuk O.

The training of future specialists in adaptive physical education to work in the centers Invasport as a pedagogical problem

Beresovskyy A.V., Bondarenko L.B., Sahno N.E.

Use program of physical rehabilitation to remedy the consequences of thrombosis of the lower extremity in the third stage of the disease

Horoshuha M.F.

By the nature of the aggression of young athletes aged 13-16 who specialize in different kinds of sports: lonhityudynalni study (second notice)

Beresovskyy A.V., Dronnikova T.A.

The program of using different types of massage in the first period of deep thrombosis of lower extremities

Kramarevuch T.V.

State of cardiorespiratory system of Youth postpubertatnom period of ontogenesis of different modes of motor activity


Section V. The legal principles of training, education and employment of people with disabilities

Abramova V.M.

Problems of constitutional rights to education and work disability

Kuchmenko E.M.

Employment of people with disabilities: problems in the labour market

Pavlushuna N.B., Serdyuk A.M.

The positive experience of European countries in the mechanism of licensing providers of social services as a legal basis for the legislative framework of Ukraine

Zezeka N.O.

Features of employment of persons with disabilities by State Employment Service of Ukraine

Zinatullina G.R., Chornoguz L.P.

Application of protectionism in Ukraine

Svoboda Y.E.

Hereditary contract in Ukrainian civil law

Stylpinas N.K.

Decent disabled persons work in Ukraine in the context of the Plan of Action of the Council of Europe on the rights and full participation of disabled persons in public life (2006-2015 years) and the Convention on the Rights of Disabled


Section VI. The formation of world spiritual and moral values of the individual in an integrated educational environment

Gyr V.I. Gusak N.A.

The role of people with disabilities in the humanization of mass society

Ivanchenko V.V.

Spiritual and moral values as the basis for the process of forming a harmonious student world

Potapyuk L.M.

State and prospects of development of spiritual culture of personality in terms of the deployment of globalization

Vereschagina T.O.

Reception philosophy W. von Humboldt in the theory of intercultural learning

Anatska N.V.

Environmental knowledge in the thinking of philosophers ages 18-19

Panasyuk S.L.

The role of culture in life formation of person

Postoyuk N.V.

Ideas of D.L. Serhiyenko: excursions for children with special needs 

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