Збірник наукових праць

Автор: Juodraštis Adolfas

Social environment is one of the most important factors for the societal acceptance and education of mentally disabled adults. The concept of social environment is rather multi-meaningful and in the aspect of work ability it is described as the interaction of institution, family of the disabled and community. Work abilities and possibilities of mentally disabled adults in the situation of market economics is still quite problematic link in the industrial and educational reality. 689 participants took part in research, aim of which was to set particularities of social attitudes on the work abilities of mentally disabled. To reveal the aim of the research the questionnaire was prepared and occasionally selected adults from 20 to 80 took part in this activity. We found out that in general societal attitude to the work possibilities of mentally disabled is rather positive, in opposite to the possibility for high – level work. People who participated in the research agree, that mentally disabled can be useful for society Women are more confident in this position and it might have several reasons: probably, they has more contacts with mentally disabled during their life, and having more experience they could better assess work possibilities of disabled. Other reason that a woman has more experience in everyday routine work, that doesn’t need high skills, that’s why they can find ordinary works that are suitable for mentally disabled. We can do premise, that society is welcoming attempts of mentally disabled to participate in the labor marked relationships, and in this situation became important type of the work, but not considerations about possibility to work. So, labor marked must be more flexible for the job needs of mentally disabled, because society is open to meet them.

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